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It’s been such a good time, but my time at PSU and KPSU have come to an end. The last four years playing music for you all has been my haven from an otherwise life of constant hustling about. I will never take for granted having the space of the studio to turn the lights […]

went on a hike this weekend. saw a mountain goat. it was sitting but that is ALL good. still got to see one. enjoy this swank list of listening gems. peace my soul flock <3

Just got back from the capital of the dillo, Austin, Texas. And there was also dust! Enjoy this medley of goodies and I hope your Wednesday is a peaceful one.

True fact: I have never been able to blow a bubble, and I have been trying for over 4 years off and on. This playlist is dedicated to all bubble blowers, ones able to do it and ones not. Get you day bubbly good with this jazzy little list-a-roo of fabu songs! Thanks as always! […]

tie your shoes and get out of your head with these sultry tracks. you best believe they are good. maintain that high, ride the tiger of life, whatever you do, do it with this playlist. p.s. best flippin smoothie recipe ever: 2.5-3 BANANAS, 4 tablespoons almond butter, 1/2 cup almond or soy milk,  touch of […]

welcome all! to another fantastic day of tracks that are spinning, spun, or about to be! pop on some of your favorite sunnies, melt into a couch or soft spot of your choosing and forget the world as I play some excellence of the musical industry for you!

It’s sunny and that means the prairie doggos are out and they are ready to dance their little paws off to these tunes on their green tufty lawns. Join the movement and get ready to jam out like a gerbil, or your rodent of choice, to this playlist! Rock on y’all.

Welcome to today my friends! I have some excellent little jazzy-rific tracks for you all today! Some songs to get you in the spirit of the olden days and of now! Best wishes to you all!

get ready for some fun with some solid as gold throwbacks! like the rolling stones, the talking heads, and some bob dylan. it’s a mix that’s sure to please. have a great day all!!

happy spring my fine fine folks! may it be cheery wonderful and bright! sending all the good vibes you need for the day with this handy dandy playlist!  

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