Left of the Dial

Goodbye 2019. As another year comes to a close, my yearly opportunity to play tastemaker arrives again. There’s a fantastic array of music here, 2019 was a very different year than years prior and we’ve had a wealth of great music to appreciate. I took the liberty of searching high and low for the most […]

Welcome back to Left of the Dial, playing deep cuts from the classic age of vinyl and beyond! Radio host Chris-R is back with all the best songs worth your time, you certainly don’t want to miss out. If you enjoy the program, give us a ‘like’ on Facebook! You can find it as “Left […]

Remember when DJs would declare a song making an unexpected dent in the Billboard charts as “Shooting straight to number one with a bullet”? I’ve just been reminiscing on that turn of phrase, some of that 70’s radio lingo is pretty fun. This is Left of the Dial, where your radio host Chris-R is playing […]

Welcome back to Thoroughly Modern Mondays: where the grab bag grabs back! Journey through the recent world of music and find out which tracks you should be listening to. This week, we explore the recent prelimary singles from great bands, play some notable songs from recent memory, and I reveal my favorite album released in […]

What do early Pink Floyd, Dolly Parton, and Marvin Gaye have in common? They’re all on this episode of Left of the Dial! Welcome back to the show. As always, your radio host Chris-R is taking you through the classic age of vinyl and beyond, playing all the great deep cuts that is sure to […]

Welcome back to Thoroughly Modern Mondays where the grab bag grabs back! Per usual, I played my favorite songs to come out recently and explored the new world of music releases this week. Including but not limited to: •A refreshing return to form from the Math-Rock/Midwest Emo band American Football who expounded on the initial […]

The break is over and now it’s time for more great music! Deep cuts from the classic age of vinyl and beyond is on the menu today for Left of the Dial, and I encourage you to be my guest! Stream the entire list of songs on Spotify below And follow the LotD playlist featuring […]

Another episode of Thoroughly Modern Mondays at your disposal: your weekly platter of Indie, Psychedelic, Punk, Modern-Pop and more! This year in music is picking up steam quick and you don’t want to be left behind. Peek new singles from bands like Cage The Elephant, Duster, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Mekons, a […]

A David Bowie triumph, the solo album commonly known as Pet Sounds ’88, and the stylings of Hot Sauce Johnson and his album Truck Stop Jug Hop. All of this COULD BE YOURS . . .  if you listen to this week’s Left of the Dial. Join radio host Chris-R as he ventures through the classic […]

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