The Flower Hour

Fall is here, the seasons are changing. Here are some tunes ive been listening to preparing for winter.

  get wavy thursday nights @8 pm honeybaked broadcasting from the basement of smith woooooooh

    We got the valentines day tunes on this episode of honey baked radio, hope you are generating some sweet sweet love. Upon return from hibernation, this week i am bringing you an eclectic mix of Cherry Glazerr, Ty Segall, Pink Floyd, and many more. Broadcasting live from the basement of Smith Thursdays at 8pm, HOnEYbAKEd

Tuning in every thursday at 8pm an eclectic rock hour of tunes. this week we had lots of the buttertones, some tame impala,the shivas and a few more. if you missed it you can listen right here and right now!

This weeks mix of foxygen, the beatles, the shivas, chicano batman, and many more! Broadcasting live from the basement thursdays at 8pm!

with an eclectic collection of tunes this is honey baked radio tuning in every thursday at 8pm!

a wrap of some 70s and 80s dance music my mom and i like to dance to   hbd mom

popped in the booth on this spooky night and listened to some songs of the day.

sum groovy jams i like to listen to woohhhhh    

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