Hella Bella!

It was a fun night w/ shadows Simeon, Ari and Steph (aka Sarah) hahah what a fun night! Thanks for listening!

Chaotic as usual! Recovering from a throat infection but it made my voice sound sexy 😛

Fun week with Ethan and Kryston shadowing! Also thanks to Carter from Neon Demon for stopping by!

S2 Episode 8 Played a fun game with prizes… DJ 3-in-1 did surprisingly well some bonus AMSR

The whole gang! Thanks for hanging with me in the studio. Song picks by Bella, Aedin, Genna and DJ 3-in-1

Getting ready to see the fam and eat way too much food! 11/26/19

Just me!

Another week of hanging out with good music. Special shout out to my mom!! HAPPY BDAY YOU AMAZING LADY <3

First Show! Thanks for listening 🙂

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