Geography Department

Whats happenin! The Geography Department. Is a hip hop/rap show that includes songs that have crossed my path from past PRESENT. I grew up around hip hop in the 1980s. My father is a huge fan and that carried over to me in becoming heavily invested in the genre my whole life (there are tapes of me watching Fat Boys videos as a baby!). I have lived in 2 geographic hip hop hot spots of creativity, the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. These culturally important American regions have impacted my sphere of influence. I was involved briefly in hip hop industry in 2004-2008 as well. This show includes multi-platnium artists on major labels to independent artists that maybe sold tapes out of the trunk of their car. Geographic regions are represented from New York to California to Atlanta to Memphis to Chicago to Houston and everywhere in between, as well as worldwide. Also all years since the genre has existed including old school 1979-1987, the golden era 1988-1998, and after1999-infinity are included. There are different styles from socially conscious to gangsta thug to party songs to cult classics, EVERYTHING.

Geography is very important in all music, especially hip hop…down to the City, neighborhood, block, housing project or apartment building which influenced the artist. The tracklist of each show jump around a little bit, but that is done on purpose. Because this is a collection of the music that for whatever reason is floating around in my head and all encompassing. My experiences and unique perspective is what I hope I can highlight in this show. Each track list includes the all important producer, where each artist is from, and year and album. From watching music videos in 1980s-1990s on YO MTV RAPS! and BET RAP CITY, listening to commercial and college radio, creating mix cassette tapes in early 1990s, and keeping my ear to the street is what I do.

Most important is my search of finding out what was bumpin in different neighborhoods especially in SF, Oakland, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Portland. My experience might be similar to some, but not exactly the same as anybody. I am a cultural, human, physical, and environmental geographer and lover of life. This show is all about bringing people together from the hip hop community of different styles, regions, and eras. Enjoy the Geography Department hip hop show brought to you by rAYzArAY(a name I have had for over 20+ years), PEACE! WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS

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