Planet Fun

September 10, 2015

Listen to an hour of Amy Winehouse the Queen herself, remixes, and covers.  

Try and guess where you’ve heard these classics from. You might even win a prize!

Come hang out on Planet Fun with some magical heroes.

With a playlist made on the spot, you’ll hear tunes from all over the universe.

Trying to get away from this heat? Listen to DJ Dreamy spin some tunes that will leave you feelin a little chill-y.

DJ Dreamy decided to host a¬†goth prom on Planet Fun to start y’alls Mondays a little darker and dancier.    

Love is in the air on Planet Fun – DJ Dreamy and guest DJ B play their favorite love anthems.

DJ Dreamy and DJ B recently acquired tongue piercings, and in honor of them created a playlist throwing it back to being thirteen. Enjoy~  

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