Dirty Mollie’s Music Roulette

Dirty Mollie’s Music Roulette is not just one radio show, but four! If you’ve heard the Whitechapel Circus, KPSU Night Shift, Air Raid Radio, or Wherehouse Radio before, then you’re familiar with what you’ll hear on Music Roulette! Every week, Dirty Mollie brings you a different show – Wherehouse one week, Night Shift after that, and so on! So the genre and the music is always changing, and there’s less chance to hear something stale! For those that aren’t familiar with Dirty Mollie’s shows, here’s a simple breakdown: Whitechapel Circus is Steampunk music, Night Shift is Goth & Industrial, Air Raid Radio is a mishmash of heavy metal and anything else, presented as Post-Apocalyptic Music of the Wasteland, and Wherehouse Radio is Folk, Celtic Punk, and World Music brought to you from a little town that straddles the line between the World and the Realm of Faerie, Bordertown. Tune in each week for something new!

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