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Woo hoo! Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another episode of Cover up. There was not anything specific that inspired this week’s theme, hands on the album cover, but I hope you enjoy. Slept through your alarm and missed the show? There’s a link below with a recording.

January 6, 2020

Good morning and welcome to a new, and earlier term of Cover Up! I am thrilled to be bringing you more art and cannot wait for these next ten weeks. In case you could not tell by the very subtle title this week, we’re talking about booty and a handful of the artists that chose […]

How is it already the middle of December… Please enjoy this playlist featuring album artwork with elements of home on them! It was interesting to see the variety that came with this theme and you should expect a bit more of a mellow playlist this week (posted to the link below). I will be taking […]

Happy after Thanksgiving!! I am very excited about the Christmas themed playlist this week. This playlist had a very punk-y vibe to it and these are all songs that you do not hear on the radio (no, I did not play Mariah Carey). Enjoy some upbeat music to energize you through this brutal dead week. […]

Welcome back to Cover Up! This week we looked at album covers that featured cars (“vroom” seemed like a cooler car noise than “beep beep”). This is a much less mellow playlist than the week before and it was very fun to put together. If you couldn’t catch the show live, I will now be […]

Something about an overcast, grey sky that reminds me of the coast… the Oregon Coast at least. The theme of this playlist is album covers that pay tribute to my favorite vacation location. This week features lots of waves, shots of the seashore, and even a mermaid wearing jeans.

Hello and thank you for everyone who tuned in to the show today! Congrats on finishing mid-terms even if the results weren’t too hot. This weeks playlist is based on album covers that feature a face as the main focus.

Thanks for sticking with me through some technical difficulties early in the show! All of the beautifully crisp, cold fall weather helped inspire the theme of this week: Halloween-esk album artwork. Be sure to tune in to Cover Up next Wednesday at 10:00am.

This week we looked at very simple artwork where the name of the band is the highlight text on the album cover.


Have a great radio time!

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