Coolin’ It With Keryha

Hey KPSU listeners! my name is Shakeryha also known as Dj Keryha. I’ am a Junior at PSU studying communications. I’ ve always been a fan of sports, especially the NBA and when I first heard the oppurtunity of being a radio Dj on KPSU I was excited to get started. My hopes and dreams are to one day become a sports anchor where I can talk about basketball and show my passion for sports broadcasting. I’ am also a huge fan of music which is another reason why I wanted to become a radio Dj. Some of my favorite genres of music include 90’s Classic R&B, Hip-Hop, and Soul music. On my podcast, “Coolin’ It With Dj Keryha” I bring to you a variety of sports talk, current events, and guest interviews while introducing some of my favorite songs by my favorite artists. I hope my listeners will enjoy my show and I look forward to giving you all something new and different each week!

Podcast Show Times: Mondays from 6-7pm
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