Boogie Pachanguero

And the final stretch is here!!!!! It’s been an amazing term for the show but as always there has been too little time to share the awesomeness with the people. So, let’s play all that good stuff that hasn’t made it on the show and sprinkle in those tunes that somehow escaped our grasps before. […]

Ladies and gentlemen from an earlier era!! Let us take the time to appreciate an art that has become ubiquitous among artists of all forms (musicians, sport players, everyday folk,….). This playlist is to highlight all the music that has emerged from artists who have made tattoos integral part of their image. The focus will […]

Time to convert the world to music awesomeness!!!! Let us celebrate a music genre/rhythm that has conquered unthinkable corners of the world, la cumbia. This music ride is to discover all of shape-shifting forms cumbia has taken in the different places of this planet and how it is converting everyone of us into followers of […]


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