Big Things

This episode of virgo season featured a special cohost, Raz! She helped Mason Mimi host this special valentine’s day-esque episode, where they talked about lilith signs and venus signs. Listen in to hear what lilith and venus signs mean, as well as what Mason Mimi’s gemini lilith and virgo venus mean, and what Raz’s leo […]

this episode of virgo season featured a special guest! hosts mason mimi and odp had their good friend Michael join them and analyzed his chart! we got to find out how he feels about his big three, plus listen in to see how many stelliums this man has! -mm

hey there everyone! in this second episode of virgo season, hosts mason mimi and odp chose to analyze some characters and see what we thought their sun/moon/rising signs were compared to their canon sun/moon signs. we analyzed gossip girl characters blair, serena, chuck and dan! listen in to see what we thought!!

Hosts ODP and mason mimi have a new edition of big things; Virgo Season! Both of us are virgo suns, and this is now an astrology podcast, where we’ll be discussing and learning together about astrology, as well as inviting guests on to talk about their charts and astrology in general. Enjoy our first episode […]

Hey big things fans! DJs mason mimi and odp are back finally! this episode features songs we’ve both been into lately, plus some catching up on us since our last show in July. big things will be changing a bit from here on out, so get ready for a new show format with your two […]

will is back in the big things studio on this ep! (but we’re missing mason :'() here we play our favorite live versions of some good as jams. enjoy! – liv

mason mimi was joined by guest host hannah hibbs for this special queer show, that was also recorded during Portland’s pride weekend! the playlist featured only queer artists, with jams ranging from St. Vincent to Le1f to Gaymous. and you can hear mason and hannah talk not only about queer identity, but also about poop […]

on this episode we roll out our summer playlists with our friend and guest host michael richardson!! i’m writing this as we alls lowly escape the darkness of finals week. enjoy!! (missing our trackless this week due to technical difficulties) -odp

this week on big things we welcome guest molly woodstock from the fun radical podcast smash everything! we talk about recent events in portland including appropriative restaurants, and the often unnoticed and invalidated dangers of being a person of color in portland. our music theme was fitting, with a playlist of songs about smashing things, […]

on this episode of big things we share some artists who we think deserve more love — from one hit wonders, to people who you might’ve heard of but you’ve never bothered to listen to. we also¬†unpack thievery unsettling conspiracy theories around avril lavigne. tune in next week on saturday at from 5-7 pm!

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