Although Halloween has past, I am still in the spooky mood. With the trees looking like spidery fingers and crows making appearances everywhere you turn, we ought to have a spooky soundtrack. Here is a collection of electrically haunting songs that are perfect for dark fall days.

witchy femm radio .11 10.31.17 http://s3.amazonaws.com/archive-complete/1509516001.mp3 Thank you for listening to this special Halloween episode of femm radio with me, DJ Yung Emi! You can listen to femm radio on Tuesdays at 11 or anytime here in the archives! This week’s show consisted of artists such as L.A. Witch, Fleetwood Mac, Haroula Rose, Grace Potter, […]

Enjoy a spooky scary Halloween with this themed playlist, full of Hell!

Enjoy a spooky scary Halloween with this themed playlist, full of Zombies, Vampires and Ghosts! Oh my!

It’s getting spooky outside so DJ Mkulima decided to have a special night featuring the dark and gloomy dance space of “witch house,” an electronic genre that emerged in the late 2000’s. Listen in and chill with the scarecrows out on the farm as the Portland gloom sets in. Download or stream the podcast here […]

It’s DJ Niko performing my second show, this time, a 2 hour Halloween Special! The download link to Part 1 of the show is attached to this post, along with song titles!   I played a compilation of songs and narrative work on The Hobbit today, check it out! Have a Fantastic Halloween!

Part II, as promised! And early at that!

Halloween. You know it. You love it. Or your wrong. (obligatory “just kidding” goes here) But all joking aside – Halloween is the best. And Rock is the best. So when Rock turns spooky, what’s not to love? This is just Part One of Fighting Rose’s spin on Halloween – SO… more to come next […]


Have a great radio time!

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