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Welcome to the first Left of the Dial of the new year! We explore Rock deep cuts this week that range from Old School Punk homages, French sung Go-Go music, and Surf songs about Santa Claus. Left of the Dial really does have it all, donnit? Taking you through the classic age of vinyl and […]

Wow, first Thoroughly Modern Monday of the year. Join the fun as we go through some of the best stuff from today’s world of music, courtesy of radio host Chris-R. If you want more TMM goodness, check out the 100 best songs of 2018 Ranked. Or, keep an eye out for Thoroughly Modern Mondays’ paralleled […]

Enjoy this recap of the best songs of 2018 ranked, reposted at the beginning of the new PSU term for those who missed it. If you want to read the rest of the article posted in December, click here.   If you’d like to hear more from me, I have a show on KPSU every […]

  #100 “City on the Water” -The Stone Foxes The Stone Foxes deliver a riveting entry to the modern Blues Revivalist movement currently happening in Rock music. Supported by a strong backbone from the rhythm section and some catchy singing, the band is also joined by a group of backing vocalists and some other inventive […]

Welcome to Thoroughly Modern Mondays, where the grab bag grabs back! Explore some recent cuts from all realms of music. Check out BEST OF 2018 with Left of the Dial this Monday at 5:00, where radio host Chris-R compiled all his favorite songs of the year and ranked them from favorite to less favorite (in […]

Welcome back to Left of the Dial where we yada yada about the (Fill in the Blank), y’all already know the drill     FULL STREAMING PLAYLIST The Modern Lovers “Walk Up The Street” Live at the longbranch and more –1973   Original Art-Punk outfit The Modern Lovers start off our set by showing the captivating […]

Welcome back to the program, the first episode since Desert Daze allowed me to report for their festival. This week has some extra emphasis on chill Trip-Hop flavoured songs (“Any Day Now” by Elbow “6 Underground” by Sneaker Pimps, and Art-Pop influenced song from New Radicals “I Hope I Didn’t Just Give Away The Ending” which celebrated its’ 20th anniversary this week), […]

Distortion fills the vast Californian desert skyline, the 2018 Desert Daze festival is underway. The shore of Moreno Beach is now home to music fanatics and hippie-rejects from the past millennia, filled with twenty-somethings swimming off in the distance of Moreno Beach as flurries of sonic oddities creep overhead. Desert Daze is the proud home […]

Streaming Mondays at 6:00. Welcome to the Working Week! To celebrate, we bring you a brand new episode of Thoroughly Modern Mondays, where the grab bag grabs back. Discover some recent gems from new up-and-coming artists and explore recent material released by high profile acts this week.   Thoroughly Modern Mondays is an extension of […]

Welcome back to the most preposterously titled radio show this side of the Willamette river, I’m your host Chris-R and we’ve got some primo bops to play. Ranging from the 50’s heyday of velvet crooners courtesy of Roy Orbison and The Platters, to supposed originators of the Shoegaze genre a whopping 20 years before it’s breakthrough (“All […]


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