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Written by on January 25, 2023

This week’s theme covered a significant amount of territory in the U.S., from Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri and Kentucky. While researching I came across a website and found an article called Punk Rock in the American Southwest by Henry Weld. In the article Weld writes about a band called Knockabouts. I searched them on Spotify and they only had one song listed as part of a compilation album titled “I’ve Got the Bible Belt Wrapped Around My Throat.” The only song from that album that made it onto my playlist was I Want You Mailbox by GNP, but back to the Punk Rock in the American Southwest article, another band Weld listed was Shit Dogs. Their song Raw Meat played after the GNP song.

When we reached the Kentucky portion of the night, which was included because of Slint and following influenced/adjacent post hardcore bands, I spoke about Jeff Mueller who was a member in 3 different bands played at the end of the show- Rodan, June of 44, and Shipping News. I also played a King Kong song, and briefly mentioned the relation between King Kong and Slint. I got this information from Spotify descriptions of each artist and the Slint documentary, Breadcrumb Trail (2014) on Youtube.

This show broadcasted Monday, Jan 23, at 9 p.m.






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