Music Review: Kristine Leschper – The Opening, or Closing, of a Door

Written by on December 11, 2022

Kristine Leschper excites out the gate with the woodwind intro to This Animation from her 2022 album The Opening, or Closing, of a Door, revealing what would be an interesting take on the pop genre by way of The Moody Blues. Leschper’s debut album deals with themes of memory and change. Lyrics often take the form of descriptions of events and feelings rather than their meanings. This leaves it up to us to figure out what is being described and why. Many can be interpreted to be about a romantic lover or sexual partner, though some double entendres could point to other meanings while other songs are different altogether. Although I am a newcomer to this album, Writhe and Wrestle is my current favorite song. I find the melody to be haunting and the repeated synthesizer line to be extremely satisfying, like something that could easily come from an early Laurie Anderson album. Lyrically, it is a puzzle. The first half of the song could detail a fight or sex, while the second half seems completely existential altogether.

A lot of the songs from the album are like this. They set up lyrical puzzles that eventually go completely off the rails, leaving you with much to consider. The music is multilayered and lucious. Lulling you to sleep even though you wish to keep listening. Lescper’s voice is beautiful. Simultaneously shrill and calming, like a lullaby. Many songs are short and sweet, not giving you anything to worry about and shifting to the next calm mood before you can even think about it. This is a fantastic album and I am excited to hear more from Kristine Leschper in the future.


Top 3 Song

  • Picture Window
  • Writhe and Wrestle
  • Stairwell Song




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