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King of ambient, Brian Eno’s, newest album, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE, shows the pioneer bringing an elevated sense of personal collection to his tried and tested formula of slow melodies and worldly beats. According to a promotional packet, the album concerns his feelings on climate change and the modern world. The album features rare vocals from Eno, not heard much since his pre-ambient days in the 70s. The album is slow and, at times, laborious. Eno’s vocals aren’t sung as much rhythmically chanted. The songs aren’t songs as much as they are noises. These noises are cold and artificial, while seeming found and fully real, like the background noise of a city as heard from the tundra outside. Occasionally a guitar can be heard, as can birdsong, bringing to mind Ambient 4. Sometimes there are long stretches where not much can be heard at all. Sometimes, what seems to be a real noise turns into something else, as on Track 8, I’m Hardly Me.

The songs talk of war, death and destruction, as well as a sadness towards change and “the last light of an old sun”. Eno fears the direction humanity is bringing the Earth. He theorizes that our destruction is irreversible and “nothing can ever be the same”. His message is difficult to hear and his form is challenging to penetrate but they show a master at work. Hearing his vocals is a refreshing change from his usual output. While my favorite album of his, Ambient 4, deals in nostalgia and a love for nature, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE deals in the future and a great sorrow for what has happened to nature. Ambient 4 feels warm and fuzzy, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE feels cold and scary. Both use bird noises and animal sounds to different effect. 4 reminds us of cozy feelings, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE warns us that these feelings are, in fact, no more.


Top 3 Songs

  • We Let It In

  • I’m Hardly Me

  • Making Gardens Out of Silence





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