In The Gutter #1: Superman Smashes the Klan!

Written by on November 12, 2021

In which your handsome host, begins his journey in between panels with an analysis of the comic adaptation of Superman versus the KKK.

The story of Superman as he races to come to terms with his own heritage as he races to protect a Chinese-American family from the evils of White Supremacy!

I decided to try starting with something that I found intimidating to analyze and review. Writer Gene Luen Yang is a master when it comes to comic storytelling and has stated in an interview with The Beat that this book is very much meant to be “From an Unapologetically Asian-American point of view,” as someone without that specific perspective how could I give a complete analysis on a student radio program? The simple answer is that I couldn’t and with that, a lot of the anxiety that comes from DJing your first radio program starts to fade away. I just had to sing the praises of what connected with me and why I thought the book was worth being Quintessential Superman.

Gene Luen Yang talking about his work

In that same interview with The Beat, Yang said; “If you do it right, the more specific your story is the more universal your story becomes,” and I think he’s completely right, despite it being told from a perspective that I would simply never expierence the story resonated with me in a way that I can only try and describe (See In the Gutter #1: Superman Smashes The Klan! -Continuity Cameron). I keep saying that this story was from a perspective I will never have but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t relate to the characters. From the heroic Superman to the brave Lan-Shin Lee, the friendly Jimmy Olson, and the conflicted Chuck Riggs I felt like I could feel them all, even when I didn’t think I wanted to.

I start this show here; with the first Superhero in what may be his most important battle. Listening to this episode, I’m not blind- er… Deaf to some of the rough patches (I really want to edit out all the lisps and long pauses), it’s a learning curve with these kinds of shows, but honestly, I do like how it turned out. Hope you all enjoyed it!

Now go fly away and read the BOOK!

Tune in NEXT TIME!







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