Arrested Youth @ Wonder Ballroom Tonight!

Written by on December 3, 2019

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This Tuesday December 3rd Kentucky-hailing Ian Johnson, AKA Arrested Youth, brings his catchy critiques of the corporate world and 21st century life to the Wonder Ballroom. The new-alt artist rages against the blandness of the environments so many of us have to compromise and enter in songs such as ‘My Friends Are Robots’. These songs come from places of experience: after finding himself discouraged from perusing a career in music, Johnson attended Indiana University and earned that most ubiquitous of 21st century degrees: business. He then joined Anheuser-Busch and, although his career was going well, he wasn’t happy. Instead of taking a promotion, Johnson decided to quit the 9-to-5 office gig and return to music

 Johnson has that precious skill of being able to inject his music with forceful meaning without allowing his critique to overshadow the music itself. Up-tempo tunes are fleshed out with catchy melodies and bound up with the artist’s lyrical dexterity. In the irresistible new album VANS, out now on Lowly Records, Arrested Youth covers a topics as varied such as mental health, the housing market, coming of age, stifled creativity, and social media culture. If you want to dance away your frustrations with the world, Arrested Youth’s show at the Wonder Ballroom this Tuesday will be for you.

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