We Let The Weirdness In

Written by on November 27, 2015

uncanny valley

uncanny valley

the uncanny valley presents:

lush / the hand that bleeds / sonic youth / new bloods / le butcherettes / x-ray spex / the raincoats / siouxsie & the banshees / oxbow / marianne faithfull / regina spektor / björk / tune-yards / kate bush / malaria! / mark nauseef / ikue mori / evan parker / bill laswell / pixies / tori amos

In your green field sleep, chasing through the trees, do you still see me? Do you still hear me? Do you still meet me? Look into my eyes, don’t you trust me. You’re so good you could go far. I’ll put you in a movie, don’t you want to? You could be a star, you could go far, you’ve got twistability. You fly hard, don’t you want to? You’ve got kissability! You could be a star, it ain’t hard. Look into my eyes, don’t you trust me? You’re so soft, you make me hard.

Birds and shoes are wanted at the stores, despite I told her in the coffin hiding all his fears are made up of riot dime, the taste is mind-veiling. I’m not crawling back into my cave, giving all that’s mine inside his mouth. Bye bye I say to my backstabbing sister, she’s here beneath the undermining monster. Bye bye I say my self-reclaiming vulture, she’s embraced by all the foreign cultures. Identity is the crisis. Can’t you see? When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself on the t.v. screen? Do you see yourself in the magazine? When you see yourself, does it make you scream?

When you look in the mirror, do you smash it quick? Do you take the glass and slash your wrists? Did you do it for fame? Did you do it in a fit? Did you do it before you read about it?

The day drags by like a wounded animal. The approaching disease: 92 degrees.
The blood in our veins and the brains in our head. The approaching unease: 92 degrees.

Long ago in the headlines, they noticed it too, but too late for the loved ones and nearly for you.

Shaky lines on the horizon, snakey thoughts invade each person, watch the red line creeping upwards, watch the sanity line weaken.

The volcanic depths of Hades’ ocean bubble under these crazed eruptions. It wriggles and writhes and bites within, just below the sweating skin.

I wondered when this would happen again. Now I watch the red line reach that number again. The blood in our veins and the brains in our head.

Drink the water with jagged glass, eat the cactus with bleeding mouth.

Come take this hand at twilight’s door. I’ll meet you there, we’ll share the moonlit floor through the driving rain, colours run in veins, ozone fills the air, two figures disappear. Come let’s take flight, let’s quit this scene tonight whilst they sleep on endless in their wrecked designs. Moths touched by flame repeat their fatal game forever and eternally the cliffs around the crashing sea unsolved and endless, wait for me, undulating far below, where lucid waters flow. Their faces seem to know where the land falls to an end this hidden tale begins.

Take a walk with me, down by the sea.

I went out to the insane asylum and I found my baby out there. I said, “Please, come back to me, darling, what in the world are you doing here?” Then my old man raised up his head, tears were streaming down from his eyes, and these are the things that my old man said:

“When your love has ceased to be, there’s no other place for me. If you don’t hold me in your arms I’d rather be here from now on. Some people have it half way there…without your love I ain’t nowhere. I can’t eat and I can’t sleep, I can’t even live in peace. Please take me, baby, for your slave, and save me from that earthly grave. Some people have it half way there, without your love I ain’t nowhere.”

Then sorrow struck my heart, tears began to stream down from my eyes. The only man that I ever loved in all my life, out here, in a place and a condition like this, and I began thinkin’ about what my mama told me when I was a little girl. She told me when I couldn’t help myself to get down on my knees and pray. And I fell down on my knees and these are the words that I said:

“Save me, save me, save me, babe, save me, save me, save me, dear. Oh, I don’t know just how I made it, but I’m so glad our love is here.”

My eyes are bifocal, my hands are sec-jointed, I live in the future in my pre-war apartment and I count all my blessings. I have friends in high places and I’m upgraded daily, all my wires without traces. I’m hooked into Machine.

I collect my moments into a correspondence with a mightier power who just lacks my perspective and who lacks my organics and who covets my defects, and I’m downloaded daily, I am part of a composite. I’m hooked into Machine.

Everything’s provided! Consummate consumer, part of worldly taking apart from worldly troubles, living in your pre-war apartment (soon to be your post-war apartment) and you live in the future, and the future, it’s here, it’s bright, it’s now.

Can’t you give me something that will keep me whole? I think about the world is right, and even if you can’t tonight, then something that will soothe me…

I’m a new kind of woman, I’m a new kind of woman, I’m a don’t take ssssshhh from you kind of woman, so buckle up cause we gonna move fast, traveling through things that you gotta get past. Buckle up and buckle up tight! Hear a scream, hear a sound in the dark of the night, but right or wrong I’m a new kinda killa. Right or wrong we a, we a killa.

I’m a new kind of woman, I’m a new kind of woman, I’m a lemon on a black and blue kind of woman so pucker up cause I’m gonna come quick. Chicka chicka chicka it’ll make you sick, all my violence is here in the sound, singing ain’t room for this ssssshhh to go down. Ready or not I’m a new kinda killa. Can’t you see we a new kinda killa?

Would you call me naïve and an idealist if I told you I was disheartened that in this day and age I do not have more male black friends? I can not take it, I’m so hip. I’m hip like a yuppie is hip, confident and yipping at the heels of my yuppie forefathers. I tried to write a song in your style. I tried to steal a………I’M SO HIP!

I’m a new kind of woman, you’re a new kind of man, come on, come and get me as quick as you can, the danger is coming, it’s coming on strong, take my hand and we’ll both sing along.

With my ego in my gut, my babbling mouth would wash it up. But now I’ve started learning how: I keep it shut. My door was never locked, until one day a trigger come cocking. But now I’ve started learning how: I keep it shut. Wide eyes would clean and dust things that decay, things that rust. But now I’ve started learning how: I keep ’em shut.

Harm is in us, but power to arm. Leave it open!

Narrow mind would persecute it, die a little to get to it. But now I’ve started learning how: I leave it open. I kept it in a cage, watched it weeping, but I made it stay. But now I’ve started learning how: I leave it open.

What you letting in? Tell me what you’re letting in. Say what we’re gonna let in!

We let the weirdness in.
We let the weirdness in.
We let the weirdness in.
We let the weirdness in.
We let the weirdness in.

Upon construction there is the Mohawk, his way of walking quite high above the ground, fearless of looking down. Skywalk. Some people say that the Navajo know a way of walking quite high above the ground, fearless of looking down.





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    The Raincoats
  • 92
    Siouxsie & The Banshees
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    Siouxsie & The Banshees
  • Insane Asylum
    Oxbow (feat. Marianne Faithful)
    Serenade In Red
  • Machine
    Regina Spektor
  • Quicksand
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    W H O K I L L
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    Kate Bush
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    Mark Nauseef / Ikue Mori / Evan Parker / Bill Laswell
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    Tori Amos
    Boys For Pele

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