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uncanny sounds

uncanny sounds

the uncanny valley presents:

menomena / the breeders / siouxsie & the banshees / joy division / the slits / radiohead / sonic youth / x / oingo boingo / mo-dettes / björk / killing joke / kate bush / talking heads

Spending the best years of a childhood horizontal on the floor like a bobsled, minus the teamwork and the televised support.

And nothing sounds appealing

Someone retired on a percentage of the tithe that paved these roads. They lead to nowhere, but they’re still gridlocked, made of Solomon’s pure gold.

Beneath the door frame, waiting for earthquakes after the rapture comes and goes, the saints went marching, the trumpets saving. The chosen ones are phoning a goal, and nothing sounds appealing.

It lives in folds of red and steamy air, it lives in misery, hellbound. Uh oh, we’re falling down.

It lives, despite the knives internal! It lives! Marry me!

From the cradle bars comes a beckoning voice. It sends you spinning. You have no choice. You hear laughter cracking through the walls, it sends you spinning, you have no choice.

Following the footsteps of a rag doll dance, we are entranced, spellbound, and don’t forget: when your elders forget to say their prayers, take them by the legs and throw them down the stairs. When you think your toys have gone berserk it’s an illusion you cannot shirk.

Confusion in her eyes that says it all: she’s lost control, and she’s clinging to the nearest passer by, and she gave away the secrets of her past, and said I’ve lost control again, and of a voice that told her when and where to act, she said I’ve lost control again, and she turned around and took me by the hand, and said I’ve lost control again, and how I’ll never know just why or understand, and she screamed out kicking on her side, and seized up on the floor, I thought she’d die.

Well I had to phone her friend to state my case, and say she’s lost control again, and she showed up all the errors and mistakes, and said I’ve lost control again, but she expressed herself in many different ways, until she lost control again, and walked upon the edge of no escape, and laughed I’ve lost control.

I could live a little better with the myths and the lies, when the darkness broke in I just broke down and cried. I could live a little in a wider line, when the change is gone, when the urge is gone, to lose control when here we come.

The mongrel cat came home holding half a head, proceeded to show it off to all his new found friends. He said I been where I liked, I slept with who I like. She ate me up for breakfast, she screwed me in a vice, but now I don’t know why I feel so tongue-tied. I sat in the cupboard and wrote it down real neat. They were cheering and waving, twitching and salivating like with myxomatosis, but it got edited, mucked up, strangled, beaten up, used in a photo in time magazine, buried in a burning black hole in devon. I don’t know why I feel so tongue-tied. Don’t know why I feel so skinned alive. My thoughts are misguided and a little naive, I twitch and I salivate like with myxomatosis. You should put me in a home or you should put me down.

Yeah no one likes a smart ass but we all like stars, but that wasn’t my intention, I did it for a reason, it must have got mixed up, strangled, beaten up.

I don’t know why I feel so tongue-tied.

Come on down, down to the river, come on down, I wanna feel you shiver. Dark on the edges, golden on top, floating down the river, you’re so hot, the sight of death is sure to deliver, come on down, I wanna hear you quiver. Corpses, drapery, rustling, sliding, sliding, sliding, endless shiver.

What I did on my vacation for the last ten years: I took pictures of your town, plaid perfume on my breath, I mean I’ve been drinking scotch while touring through your town.

Adultery makes you give things away, it gets you confused, takes a one room vacation then it gets you alone, turns into a honeymoon scream. Then you have to change the sheets.

Smoke in one hand looking for a light, martini in the other hand, pointing out midnight.

Now that you pulled the school underwater and drowned the prom, which man will you save for this friday? You can put him in a fish pond and watch him swim around, then have a catholic dinner.

If it isn’t men it’s death, it’s the same old testament. At the cross, her station keeping, stood the mournful mother weeping where my man extended hung, driven with nails to wood.

At my desk as you’re sleeping, as the big deal of death kills me and starts leaving, everybody asks me how i’m doing. I’m doing everything alone! Rave on children and try to sleep.

Larks must sing grave, deep melodies, happy that they die. The sly brown fox pulled up a glass, pulled up a chair and yanked out my hair. When i tried to sit i fell down. When i woke up he was gone.

So one has a smoke, one has a drink. The man is gone, Mary’s dead, good morning midnight!

Black is for the nighttime, preys upon the day. Red is for the blood that flows like rivers in our veins. Gray is for betrayal, what you did to me. White is for the blinding light that I know I’ll never see.

Found you in the gutter, you needed tenderness. I gave you everything I had, I gave you all my trust. Planned it out so neatly, caught me in your trap. When I needed you the most you stabbed me in the back.

Better luck next time! If you do it once there’ll never be a second time. Find somebody else, you’re never gonna be mine. How do you find the nerve to lie right to my face?

Black is for the nighttime, preys upon the day. Red is for the blood that flows like rivers in our veins. I try and find excuses for what you did to me. Can’t forget that burning rage when I wake up thinking of your face, for the blinding sweetness of revenge that I know I’ll never see, that no one ever sees.

while i crawl into the unknown (cover me
i’m going hunting for mysteries (cover me

i’m going to prove the possible really exists

this is really dangerous (cover me
but worth all the effort (cover me

i’m going to prove the impossible really exists

genius to fall asleep to your tape last night, sounds go through the muscles, these abstract wordless movements they start off cells that haven’t been touched before, these cells are virgins, my headphones they saved my life, your tape it lulled me to sleep, nothing will be the same, i’m fast asleep, i like this resonance it elevates me, i don’t recognize myself, this is very interesting, i’m fast asleep now, i’m fast asleep, AND THE THIRD ANGEL SOUNDED, AND A STAR FELL FROM HEAVEN, BURNING AS IT WERE A LAMP, AND IT FELL UPON THE THIRD PART OF THE WATERS OF THE WATERS OF THE WATERS

I’m a ball of fire, fire from heaven, terror from nowhere, you’ll never shoot me down. Days turns to minutes, five seconds till it hits us, three seconds to ground, one second to–

Asteroid! Coming in from the void!

On the bed of the ocean, where history lies, strange civilizations vaporized. I.N.R.I. (nature renewed by fire made whole) and I climb to the mountain, light to dark behind time and space.

A hole in your ark days turns to minutes five seconds till it hits us three seconds to ground one second to–

They look down at the ground missing, but I never go in now. I’m looking at the Big Sky.

You never really understood me. You never really tried.

That cloud, that cloud looks like Ireland. Come on and blow it a kiss now, but quick, because it’s changing in the Big Sky, it’s changing in the Big Sky now.

This cloud, this cloud says “Noah, come on and build me an Ark. And if you’re coming, jump!”

“Rolling over like a great big cloud,
Rolling over with the Big Sky!
Rolling over like a great big cloud,
Rolling over with the Big Sky!”

I see the shapes I remember from maps, I see the shoreline, I see the whitecaps, a baseball diamond, nice weather down there, I see the school and the houses where the kids are, places to park by the factories and buildings, restaurants and bar for later in the evening, then we come to the farmlands, and the undeveloped areas, and I have learned how these things work together, I see the parkway that passes through them all, and I have learned how to look at these things and I say, “I wouldn’t live there if you paid me, I wouldn’t live like that, no siree! I wouldn’t do the things the way those people do. I wouldn’t live there if you paid me to.”

I guess it’s healthy, I guess the air is clean, I guess those people have fun with their neighbors and friends. Look at that kitchen and all of that food, look at them eat it, guess it tastes real good, they grow it in the farmlands and they take it to the stores, they put it in the car trunk and they bring it back home and I say, “I’m tired of looking out the windows of the airplane, I’m tired of traveling, I want to be somewhere. It’s not even worth talking about those people down there.”





  • Tithe
  • Hellbound
  • Spellbound
    Siouxsie & The Banshees
  • She's Lost Control
    Joy Division
    Unknown Pleasures
  • Improperly Dressed
    The Slits
    Return of the Giant Slits
  • Myxomatosis
    Hail to the Thief
  • Calming the Snake
    Sonic Youth
    The Eternal
  • Under the Big Black Sun
    Under the Big Black Sun
  • Better Luck Next Time
    Oingo Boingo
    Fast Times At Ridgemont High OST
  • Dark Park Creeping
    The Story So Far
  • Cover Me
  • Headphones
  • Asteroid
    Killing Joke
    Killing Joke
  • The Big Sky
    Kate Bush
    Hounds of Love
  • The Big Country
    Talking Heads
    More Songs About Buildings and Food

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