Que El Marte No Vuelva

Written by on September 25, 2015

Mars Volta
Mars Volta
Mars Volta
Mars Volta
Mars Volta

vi veri vniversvm vivvs vici

over the summer, dj mandrews had the brilliant (=stoned) idea to play the entirety of the mars volta’s epic ridiculosity frances the mute on the radio.

he immediately realized that this was impossible, not least because the uncanny valley is a sixty minute show and frances the mute is eighty-nine fucking minutes long.

solution? break it up. frances is made up of five “songs”, which translates into five episodes. week one, track one (cygnus….vismund cygnus), first song of the show. week two, track two (the widow), second song of the show. and so on.

then the really crazy idea planted itself in dj mandrews’ kushed out pineal gland. what if each episode somehow reflected the total structure of frances? the second song each week would have to be something mournful, like the widow, the final track each week would have to be something epic and sprawling and a little tedious, like cassandra geminni, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

so dj mandrews went and did it. the grand structure didn’t always work perfectly (we all love the raincoats, who doesn’t, but dancing in my head doesn’t quite scratch that “i’ll never never sleep alone” creepiness itch, does it?) in any case we got through it all without losing any limbs.

here it is. listen if you dare. neither the present author nor the station can be held accountable for any mental or physical health problems that may occur in connection with listening to all five hours in sequence.

| television rules the nation

|| don’t you ever wonder

||| wild things

|||| it is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering

|||||: and they owls they were watching

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