On The Blazing Trail

Written by on December 11, 2015

uncanny trail

uncanny trail

uncanny trail

the uncanny valley presents:

rollerball / siouxsie & the banshees / budos band / the bad plus / pixies / a decent animal / elp / circle / pj harvey / ghostlight orchestra / sugarcubes / tim smith

Following desire in your eyes, in your eyes, you’re mine, you’re mine, all mine, following the signs in your mind, your crazy mind, you’re mine, you’re mine, all mine.

Bring me the head of the Preacher man from the sickening daze…

Oh the rotting sun washes down the moonshine boys, the vultures drool, they pluck the gold dust from his eyes and pick his bones until they’re clean.

The book of sorrows – The American dreams

Bring me the head of the Preacher man on the blazing trail…

Heaven holds lone star promise, El Dorado the insane theatre. Once more we rise to drain the last of liquid sleep, the gift of chance eating the worm, the viper drops and dances, and everything stops and dances.

We tumble down these lonely days

In this land of strangers there are dangers, there are sorrows, I can’t see this lady, it is shady, I am leaving tomorrow. Even there’s a reason, it’s silver, it’s gone in this land of strangers, there are dangers, there are sorrows.

I’ve tried to mend the love that ended long ago although we still pretend our love is surely coming to an end don’t waste the time you’ve got to love again. We tried to lie but you and I
Know better than to let each other lie. The thought of lying to you makes me cry, counting up the time that’s passed us by.

I’ve sent this letter hoping it will reach your hand, and if it does I hope that you will understand that I must leave in a while, and though I smile you know the smile is only there to hide what I’m really feeling deep inside, just a face where I can hang my pride.


We’ll talk of places that we went, and times that we have spent together penniless and free. You’ll see the day another way, and wake up with the sunshine pouring right down where you lay. You’ll love again, I don’t know when, but if you do I know that you’ll be happy in the end.

Speak to me of universal laws: the whores hustle and the hustlers whore. All around me people bleed; speak to me your song of greed. Speak to me of your inner charm, of how you’ll keep me safe from harm. I don’t think so, I don’t see; speak to me of your inner peace.

Little people at the amusement park, city people in the dark speak to us, send us a sign, tell us something to keep us trying.

Too many people out of love, this city’s ripped right to the core. Speak to me of heroin and speed, of genocide and suicide, of syphilis and greed. Speak to me the language of love, the language of violence, the language of the heart. This isn’t the first time I’ve asked for money or love; heaven and earth don’t ever mean enough.

Just give me something I can believe. I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go, walking with a dead man over my shoulder, waiting for an invitation to arrive, going to a party where no one’s still alive.

I was struck by lightning walking down the street, I was hit by something last night in my sleep.

Leave your body and soul at the door…

Deus does not exist, but if he does he lives up above me in the fattest largest cloud up there. He’s whiter than white and cleaner than clean. He wants to reach me.

Deus does not exist, but if he does I always notice him getting ready in his airy room. He’s picking his gloves so gently off. He wants to touch me.

I’m walking humbly down a tiny street, pulling my collar it gets bigger.

I once met him. It really surprised me. He put me in a bath tub, made me squeaky clean.

To create a universe you must taste the forbidden fruit.

He said, “Hi”, I said, “Hi”. I was still clean.

Deus does not exist, but if he does he’d want to get down from that cloud. First marzipan fingers then marble hands more silent than silence and slower than slow, diving towards me.

My collar is huge, room for two hands, they start at the chest and move slowly down.

I thought I had seen everything. He wasn’t white and fluffy, He just had side burns and a quiff, gut he said, “Hi”, I said, “Hi”, I was still clean, I was squeaky clean. I was surprised, just as you would be.

He does not exist.

Here comes the snake, down from Heaven and up from Hell, over my head, beautiful in the rivers’ wells, gives me everlasting sight in her world. Flat headed earthworm says I’m so beautiful I burn her. Held both hands and ride her body understands in the waters of her world I am I am.

Swimming with the snake alive, all we ever do is die, swimming with the snake all I ever want to do is die and reincarnate like one of you. Drown me out of depth over my head.

And she pumps air in my spirit and blasts my eyes with her tongue and coils, gives me everlasting sight in her world at last I never lost my eyes.

And I love you, and I know you can’t love me there too. Can’t hold her hand to ease the pain inside my heart drowns me out of depth over my head.





  • Cesena Sweat Pants
  • Bring Me The Head Of The Preacher Man
    Siouxsie & The Banshees
  • Reppirt Yad
    The Budos Band
    The Budos Band III
  • Seven Minute Mind
    The Bad Plus
    Made Possible
  • Silver
  • Bird
    A Decent Animal
    A Decent Animal
  • Trilogy
  • Ed-Visio
  • The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore
    PJ Harvey
    Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
  • Dead Man's Party
    Ghostlight Orchestra
    Haunted By Shapes: Part 1 EP
  • Deus (Remix)
    Life's Too Good
  • Swimming With The Snake
    Tim Smith
    Tim Smith's Extra Special OceanLandWorld

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