Season 2 Ep 1 New Cuts to Open

Written by on September 25, 2016

New Cuts to Open

Hello and welcome back to the Shower Hour! After a summer long hiatus we are back with the same old songs, themes, and ideas! Do things ever really change? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? We explore these concepts today alongside musical groups The Smiths and the Velvet Underground. We also explore running from our problems with the great Pharcyde in their single Runnin’ featuring production from the late and great J Dilla.

I was going to play a Nas track, but in hindsight Big L’s LP Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous (1995) got left with weaker production because Columbia Records┬ádecided his LP deserved less investment than the famed Illmatic (1993) that came into rpoduction aorund the same time. So instead of leaving you with the message that the World Is Yours, that you have all this opportunity, I’ll leave you instead with a more bitter flavor. Let ‘Em Have It ‘L pushes a slick, heavy trip on Big L’s lyricism and sophisticated approach to flow and rhythm. We need more genius in this world of bland repetition.






  • Runnin'
    The Pharcyde
  • Waiting In Vain (Advert Mix)
    Bob Marley
    Songs of Freedom
  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    The Smiths
    The Queen Is Dead
  • Let 'Em Have It 'L
    Big L
    Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous
  • White Light/White Heat
    Velvet Underground
    A Selection (Comp)
  • The Wind Cries Mary
    Jimi Hendrix
    Are You Experienced?
  • Le Fils De Jacques Dutronc
    King Khan & The Shrines
    What Is?!
  • Dance This Mess Around
  • Smoke Circle
    Beat Konducta Vol 3-4, Beat Konducta In India
  • Don't Let Me Lose This Dream
    Aretha Franklin
    I Never Loved A Man The Way I Loved You
  • Dirty Water
    Kevin Moan & the Reptiles
    Kevin Moan & the Reptiles
  • I Can't Wake Up
    Return of the Boom Bap
  • What's Going On
    Eric B & Rakim
    Don't Sweat the Technique
  • DJs
    40 Oz to Freedom
  • Get Up Edina
    Desmond Dekker
    Rudy Got Soul
  • Representin' '93
    Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

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