The Murky Depths 10

Written by on January 11, 2020

We (I) are (am) 10 shows in. In this one, there’s Irish music, folk, and indie type good stuff. If you listen, thank you very much. The frogs (there are more than one) and I appreciate your time. If you’re not listening to the frogs, they’re listening to you (in a respectful sort of way). I did get a burrito after this show just in case anyone was going, “did he?” I did. Also, so much rain today here. Just buckets. Anyway, see you next week.





  • A Pair of Brown Eyes
    The Pogues
    Rum Sodomy & the Lash
  • Sally MacLennane
    The Pogues
    Rum Sodomy & the Lash
  • Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
    Chris Thomas King
    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Troubled Waters
    Michael Hurley
    Armchair Boogie
  • Go Your Way
    Anne Briggs
    A Collection
  • Viktor Borgia
    Stephen Malkmus
    Groove Denied
  • People
    Silver Jews
    American Water
  • 6 Weeks
    Beach Bunny
    Prom Queen
  • February
    Beach Bunny
  • I'm Your Man
    Older Brother
    Older Brother
  • Moving Forward
    Older Brother
    Older Brother
  • Lonely
    Older Brother
    Older Brother
  • World Record Winner
    World Record Winner
    World Record Winner
  • Dwell
    World Record Winner
    World Record Winner
  • Lost My Head
    Shady Bug
    Lemon Lime
  • Doodle Let Me Go (Yaller Girls)
    A.L. Lloyd
    An Evening with A.L. Lloyd

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