Episode 11: The Road to Nowhere

Written by on January 30, 2017

A candid shot of me in the studio – and yes, I do look like Adrienne Barbeau in The Fog (1980, dir. John Carpenter), how kind of you to notice!


Episode 11 lacks a theme, but makes up for it in quality and quantity. 18 gorgeous antiques and curiosities in less than 50 minutes, all soaked to the bone with vinyl crackle, nocturnal ambiance, and pop sensibility. It’s what our show is all about!

(Note: The show proper begins at around two minutes into the file, so don’t touch that dial!)


Carole King, composer of this show’s namesake, looking shrewd as you please at an RCA Victor recording session in 1959.





  • Confess
    Patti Page
    The Patti Page Collection: The Mercury Years, Vol. 1
  • Me and My Shadow
    Peggy Lee
    Is That All There Is?
  • Don't Hurt Me
    Babbity Blue
  • Mad About the Boy
    Gene Howard
    Love Is a Drag: For Adult Listeners Only
  • Love's Gonna Go
    Duffy Power
    Leapers and Sleepers
  • The Drifter
    Ray Pollard
  • I'll Forget You Tonight
    Cheryl St. Clair
    Dream Babes, Vol. 3: Backcomb 'n' Beat
  • A Road to Nowhere
    Carol King
    The Right Girl: Complete Recordings, 1958-1966
  • (under the DJ) Gnossienne No. 5
    Reinbert de Leeuw
    Satie: The Early Piano Works
  • She's Not There
    Los Flippers
  • La Gente Es Extraña
    La Máquina del Sonido
    La Máquina del Sonido
  • La Balada de John y Yoko
    Los Rockin' Devils
  • Ikan Todak
    Les Kalifa's
    Steam Kodok: 26 A-Go-Go Ultra-Rarities from the Sixties Singapore and Southeast Asia Underground
  • See My Friends
    The Kinks
  • (under the DJ) Gnossienne No. 2
    Reinbert de Leeuw
    Satie: The Early Piano Works
  • Here Comes the Night
    Beach Boys
    Wild Honey
  • When You're In Love
    Mickey Lee Lane
    Rockin' On . . . and Beyond
  • Come to My Side
    Dion & the Belmonts
    Together Again
  • Snow Frolic
    Francis Lai
    Love Story OST
  • Magenta Mountain
    Yma Sumac

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