Must Be Summer or Something

Written by on June 19, 2015

Hey, it’s Friday night! Which means I’m here again!

Summer’s just around the corner. Seriously, this Sunday marks the “official” first day of summer. Can you believe that? That being said, this mind-glowingly gorgeous weather combined combined with the resulting restlessness of house hunting and adventure having has left me with too much of a sunny attitude lately. I’m borderline spastic. So, here’s an hour of radical ladies influenced by that vintage surf rock reverb because, you know, it must be summer or something.

Jawbreaker ReunionBandcamp // Facebook

AnomieBandcamp // Facebook
Philly’s Rachel Browne also does vocals and plays guitar in Brooklyn band Field Mouse. She was recently featured during a Philly-based She Shreds show and released a self-titled EP through Father/Daughter Records earlier this year.

La SeraBandcamp // Facebook // Website
Katy Goodman is also known for playing in Vivian Girls and has like, the most adorable pets on her instagram.

Shannon and the ClamsFacebook // Website
Their new album, Gone by the Dawn, finally had a release date! Their new album will drop September 11th via Hardly Art (only one of my favorite labels). Catch them playing alongside Chastity Belt and The Shivas on July 17th at the Doug Fir Lounge.

The AquadollsBandcamp // Facebook // Website

EskimeauxBandcamp // Facebook
Eskimeaux is the solo project of The Epoch‘s Gabrielle Smith. Her second album, O.K., was recently released on Double Double Whammy. She opens for Mitski and Elvis Depressedly at the Analog Cafe on July 28th.

TennisFacebook // Website
Since 2012, this song along has been my quintessential “summer” anthem. Alaina Moore’s voice is simply dripping with sunshine.

Twin RiverBandcamp // Facebook

Adult Mom – Bandcamp // Facebook // Website

SACRED PAWSBandcamp // Facebook

Radiation CityBandcamp // Facebook // Website
Come on, Portland. You already know our beloved Radiation City. You know.

SeaponyBandcamp // Facebook
Led by female vocalist Jen Weidl, Seattle-based dreampop-eteers Seapony recently announced their next album, A Vision, will be available July 31st.

LovebyrdBandcamp // Facebook

Eternal Summers – Bandcamp // Facebook // Website

The She’s – Bandcamp // Facebook
Born and bred in my once-upon-a-time city of San Francisco, this all-girl four piece only came across my radar a few days ago. The verdict? New obsession. It’s was really tough to pick just one song from their EP, Dreamers. If you do anything tonight, and I mean anything, please please please hit up their bandcamp and stream the EP. Absolutely stellar work, ladies.

Hashtag Smokey Bear hug.





  • Tearing Down Posters
    Jawbreaker Reunion
    Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club
  • So Long
    Anomie EP
  • I Can't Keep You In My Mind
    La Sera
    Sees the Light
  • Corvette
    Shannon and the Clams
    Gone by the Dawn
  • So High
    The Aquadolls
    Stoked On You
  • Alone At the Party
  • It All Feels The Same
    Young & Old
  • Laugh It Off
    Twin River
    Should the Light Go Out
  • Survival
    Adult Mom
    Momentary Lapse of Happily
  • San Diego
    6 SONGS
  • Zombies
    Radiation City
    Animals In the Median
  • Let Go
    A Vision
  • Shot From The Sun
    Lovebyrd EP
  • Together or Alone
    Eternal Summers
    Gold and Stone
  • My Secret To Keep
    The She's

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