“Heavy Hitters of 2016” 1/08

Written by on January 9, 2016

For the last few weeks, I’ve been chewing on this playlist if only because I wanted to bring out names I know are going to make waves throughout the next year. Some of these ladies have been featured on The Muse In Music time and again (looking at you, Shura) while others I’ll held off playing for this very episode. Anyway, I do more than enough explaining as to why the artists are included, as well what they’re currently up to if the information was made available. Hope you enjoy.

Also, apologies about cutting off toward the end of the podcast. I ran out of time.

Artists featured, with links given to support these ladies:
1. ‘If Love’s A Gun, I’m Better Off Dead’ by Veronica Bianqui [veronicabianqui.bandcamp.com]
2. ‘You Can Change’ by Pearl Charles [pearlcharlesmusic.bandcamp.com]
3. ‘Windows Down’ by Susan [www.facebook.com/SusanIsABand/]
4. ‘Sip O’ Poison’ by Cherry Glazerr [cherryglazerr.bandcamp.com]
5. ‘Weird Girl’ by Mommy Long Legs [mommylonglegs.bandcamp.com]
6. ‘Baby let me write yr lines’ by Lisa Prank [lisaprank.bandcamp.com]
7. ‘Heathering’ by Your Friend [yourfriendtaryn.com]
8. ‘Fish Eyes’ by Hayley Heynderickx [haleyheynderickx.bandcamp.com]
9. ‘The Woman That Loves You’ by Japanese Breakfast [michellezauner.bandcamp.com]
10. ‘Talking to Strangers’ by Miya Folick [miya.bandcamp.com]
11. ‘Hardships’ by Nadia Nair [@nadianair]
12. ‘Touch’ by Shura [shura.sandbaghq.com/home.html]
13. ‘Mother Russia’ by .Fe [www.facebook.com/FEKNIGHTS/]





  • If Love's a Gun, I'm Better Off Dead
    Veronica Bianqui
  • You Can Change
    Pearl Charles
  • Windows Down
  • Sip O' Poison
    Cherry Glazerr
  • Weird Girl
    Mommy Long Legs
  • Baby let me write yr lines
    Lisa Prank
  • Heathering
    Your Friend
  • Fish Eyes
    Hayley Heynderickx
  • The Woman That Loves You
    Japanese Breakfast
  • Talking To Strangers
    Miya Folick
  • Hardships
    Nadia Nair
  • Touch
  • Mother Russia

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