11. the brown box

Written by on January 17, 2020

x Fever Dream Collective

January 17th, 2020

This episode is the first episode in The Brown Box Collaboration Series. This week’s show features a playlist curated by VJacqueline (they/them) of Fever Dream Collective. Fever Dream Collective is QPOC centered in-person sanctuary offering events throughout Los Angeles, a social media presence, and a website that is in the works. VJacqueline, the person behind the project identifies as non-binary and Chicanx. They describe the inspiration for this collective as a fever dream, they state “When I’m in a space I feel at home in, it feels euphoric and feverish at the same time; I don’t know if I’ll ever relive the same feeling of freedom. I want to keep recreating that feeling of wholeness and liberation for other people in spaces in our communities.” The next Fever Dream event will be on February 29th at the Ghost Gallery in Los Angeles. This event titled Heaven on Earth will feature work from artists that challenges them and the viewers to envision what heaven on earth would look like for them. You can find VJacqueline @vjacquelinebarrios and Fever Dream Collective @feverdream.v on Instagram.

Stream the show here. Show starts at 5:40.

Image details: Photo of VJacqueline by Jonathan Lovett // Font used is GlyphWorld Desert designed by Leah Maldonado.
Find Jonathan Lovett on Instagram @j.lovettt and Leah Maldonado https://leahmaldonado.com/.





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