Video Games

(Featured Image is from an animation from a certain improv scene in the Sticks SMP lore! The animation can be found here!) In this episode, I get to interview my first raider and best friend, Hades, who’s one of the few people who’s been along with me on my streaming careers! We talk about their […]

(Featured image is fan art made by Daya_Hoshi back when I did my first stream on Twitch!) In this episode, I’m joined by a long-time supporter and best friend, Daya_Hoshi, to talk about the mysterious internet game “Your Turn To Die: Death Game By Majority”. Daya has been making her own game inspired by her […]

In this episode, we’re looking back on the infamous game, Genshin Impact, along with their new 3.2 update! I’m joined by Kenneth who also has two shows here on KPSU; “Tree Top Talk” and “Under The Stage”. We discussed the pros and cons of playing the game as well as our first impressions of when […]

In this episode, DJ Asher shares an interview with Twitch live streamer and podcaster, NinaPizzaQueen! Nina share’s about her time as a streamer and what inspired her to be one as well as the many games she’s played. They also get to reviewing the spooky game, Phasmophobia, and get some laughs on some of the […]

In this first episode of “Video Game Lovers”; DJ Asher introduced herself, her love for video games, and what this show would be about!She’ll be doing reviews on some of your favourite video games, as well as featuring their soundtracks, easter eggs, and more! She’ll also be interviewing some upcoming big name live streamers and […]

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