I interview writer, folklorist, and translator, Zach Davison. Author of Kaibyo: The Supernatural Cats of Japan, Yurei: The Japanese Ghost, and translator of Cat+Gamer, Tono Monogatari, and many more. We talk about everything from Yo-kai, the secrets of learning Japanese, and how adapting comics into other languages work. You can find the link to listen to the episode […]

Today I explored the European side of comics specifically the French-Belgian ones with Professor of French; Anabelle Dolidon as my tour guide through books like Alone, Snowpiercer, and a little Tintin. Dolidon’s Recommendations: Catherine Meurisse’s LIGHTNESS. Jacques Tardi on WWII and his series Adele Blanc-Sec. Mathieu Bablet and his sci-fi comics such as Carbon&Silicon. Chabouté’s […]

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