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Jasmine Linee Wood, vocalist/guitarist for Portland shoegaze band Haste, joined me on another episode of The Muse In Music’s recurring Guest Playlist series. Sticking mainly with the electronic sounds currently influencing her direction, Wood brought new names to the TMIM roster that I’ve shamefully overlooked–Stereolab, Electrlane and Broadcast namely. Regardless, she was an absolutely pleasure […]

My dear friend Eric Evans of Eleven PDX (among many, many other publications–it’s really impressive, actually) joined me on today’s episode of The Muse In Music to discuss his fairly eclectic range of ladies he adores in music. Evans added a global edge to the series by introducing Japanese acts Cuushe and Shiina Ringo as […]

You can catch the description/playlist of this episode over on the Distant Records soundcloud.

Just a little country listening for you all tonight. Surprise appearance from Drake in the second half, keep your ears open. – J0

For the last few weeks, I’ve been chewing on this playlist if only because I wanted to bring out names I know are going to make waves throughout the next year. Some of these ladies have been featured on The Muse In Music time and again (looking at you, Shura) while others I’ll held off […]

The last installment of TMIM’s “Best of 2015” series is here, just as the new year is kicking off. Enjoy.

Hey listeners! Last week, I launched the first of several episodes on The Muse In Music showcasing the best ladies who’ve kicked ass this year. This week’s roster takes a more electronic pop route with both new and old artists. Some the of the names included only have singles and EP to their name (like […]

Hey listeners. 2015 was definitely dynamic, but in subtle ways. Most of the artists I’ve come to appreciate after having hosted The Muse In Music this year were the ones I’ve had to dig deep to find. Granted, some of these names received their well deserved recognition as the year gained leverage, but it still […]

Hey listeners, tonight’s episode can be described as tender at best. The official start of winter isn’t until next week, but lately the weather would make one feel otherwise. The songs featured help to emphasize the mood.

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