the chopping block

This week: Writer/director/actor Jacques Nicholson (Le Shining, Un Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) stops by to tell us about his latest film, Water Train. Chris is subjected to an on-air intervention by his favorite filmmaker, Jacques Nicholson. Syd campaigns for the criminalization of dehydration. Exclusive, never-before-seen movie trailers and human chairs.

This week, on The Chopping Block: Chris and Syd try and convince Dylan to pick up smoking Business Business: The business of creating businesses Voluntary Amputation: Why we don’t need our bodies

Craig and Angus are two kids waiting for a routine pediatrician appointment, when they get sucked into a magical book called “Time Wizards”. The kids must escape the clutches of “Shaq” with the help of some whacky characters. Join them as they explore the fascinating world of literature and learn about the power of friendship.

This week: Chris, Dylan, and Syd recap their spicy summers Australia: Proof that God doesn’t exist Cannibalism: A cure for world hunger? A meaty discussion of the nutritional value of the Eucharist Dylan and Chris argue over the new smoke-free campus A couple other things

This Week: Drunk men, eel rain, and 2,000 escaped piglets in the Newsroom Guest appearance by Chris’ brother, Jonny Lee Russian Discussion: the afterlife and human cloning. Pop Quiz: Would you have sex with yourself?

Dungeon Master Dylan leads a riveting game of Dungeons and Dragons, where Syd, Chris, and Kate encounter a cult of spooky spiders in King Ha Ru’s court.

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