it’s the mud, it’s the mud

Some songs I like that were released in the past couple months.

And it is the final stretch peoples!!!!!! Let us celebrate all the good musical lands we discovered this term and everything we didn’t get to play on the air. The checkered flag is on the air so let’s end this musical journey with our pedal to the musical metal!

It’s Spring Term. It’s starting to get nice out. Lets Dance…   Mixed by DJ Troi   TRACKLIST: 1  IAMANTHEM (Big Wild Remix) Kodak to Graph 2  i’m fine thanks – skypierr 3 remember me – KilCool 4 Kisnou – Falling Deeper (ft. Blure) 5 Whethan x Oliver Tree – All You Ever Talk About […]

It’s that time of the year! The trees are starting to blossom, the air is getting warmer, the animals are coming out to play, and it’s time for you to enjoy yourself with some bumpin’ tunes. This is a mix for you to especially pump yourself up for the good times with the spring fever […]

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