Another one for you! This was originally going to be the post I missed during finals week but I had a final going on during my show time so I decided to postpone it. Good news though, I’ll hopefully continue BTC over the summer! Listen below~ Songs:Sanxion7 – AquasphereSquarepusher & Aphex Twin – untitledInfected Mushroom […]

RETURN, a return to what you may instantly ask. Which is rather kneejerk of you, but I’m not judging. Not judging, just saying. Well in this particular context, it is literally a return to my posting. This post right here that I am currently typing in at 9:18 in the PM on a Thursday night, before […]

will, odp and mason mimi used this show to celebrate the friendship they all share! each host chose 3 songs that they felt represent the other two hosts, as well as three songs they felt represent themselves. listen to hear some great songs and some great memories the hosts have shared with each other!

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