The first episode of Age of Rage. This is a punk-rock show that features a different time range or subset of punk rock every week. This episode focuses largely on late 70’s and early 80’s punk. Ranging from the Ramones to Rancid and everything in between, Age of Rage will have the punk rock you’re […]

Tonight we hear songs from some of the best movie soundtracks that I’ve ever heard.

http://s3.amazonaws.com/archive-complete/1531357201.mp3 Talk a little smack about things. Fumble around trying to play a clean version of a song I wanted to play, end up finding a German produced remix and go with it, then play all requests from some friends. I hope to do more shows like this but wrenching requests out of people is […]

| 2/6/15: Reflections On The Void || 2/13/15: Sacred Love & Liberation ||| 2/20/15: Said It Purged Fear |||| 2/27/15: Crazy Hope In These Days Of Rage bonzo dog doo-dah band / can / cardiacs / death grips / esg / mica levi / miles davis / oingo boingo / oxbow / pil / radiohead […]

Part II, as promised! And early at that!

the buzzcocks / the screamers / this heat / bonzo dog doo-dah band / public image ltd. / oingo boingo / cardiacs / ramones / the fall / can / miles davis / death grips / radiohead / mica levi / oxbow / esg

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