Tonight we hear songs from some of the best movie soundtracks that I’ve ever heard.

http://s3.amazonaws.com/archive-complete/1531357201.mp3 Talk a little smack about things. Fumble around trying to play a clean version of a song I wanted to play, end up finding a German produced remix and go with it, then play all requests from some friends. I hope to do more shows like this but wrenching requests out of people is […]

| 2/6/15: Reflections On The Void || 2/13/15: Sacred Love & Liberation ||| 2/20/15: Said It Purged Fear |||| 2/27/15: Crazy Hope In These Days Of Rage bonzo dog doo-dah band / can / cardiacs / death grips / esg / mica levi / miles davis / oingo boingo / oxbow / pil / radiohead […]

Part II, as promised! And early at that!

the buzzcocks / the screamers / this heat / bonzo dog doo-dah band / public image ltd. / oingo boingo / cardiacs / ramones / the fall / can / miles davis / death grips / radiohead / mica levi / oxbow / esg

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