In this special edition, Cas (Pop-Punk Power Hour) and Also (Sunset Spotlight) joined me to discuss how you can, and should donate to KPSU to keep this wonderful college radio station thriving!   To illustrate this point we put together a playlist of some of the great local artists KPSU has worked with and helped […]

Hella Bella and Kenneth of Under The Stage/Tree Talk fame join me this week to chat the last few years at KPSU and swap stories. Date Band Venue Wednesday, May 17th Left on Tenth Lollipop Shoppe Thursday, May 18th Pool Boys, Nonbinary Girlfriend, Twingle Lollipop Shoppe Saturday, May 20th Jujuba Goodfoot Sunday, May 21st Kali […]

Some classic KPSU folks – Miss Anna and Siiir Helmet swing down to KPSU for one last job – it’s the same old story.   You know the drill by now: Date Band Venue Wednesday, May 10th Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band Lollipop Shoppe Thursday, May 11th Ladytron Wonder Ballroom En Attendant Ana No […]

After one week off the show is back, with most-frequent co-host Charles AKA Pschogeography! Date Band Venue Wednesday, May 3rd KOKOKO! Holocene Thursday, May 4th Xiu Xiu Holocene Jeff Chilton Produce Row Cafe Death Grips Revolution Hall Friday, May 5th Deerhoof Aladdin Theater Saturday, May 6th Rose City Band Aladdin Theater Fluid Druid The Midnight […]

This week there’s only a few shows on the list as the discovery of Sleaford Mods on Wednesday sent guest Luca (Queers with Fears, Tuesdays @ 6pm) into a deep discussion of Punk, Post-Punk, and No Punk (as we like to on this show) for the rest of the hour. We’re getting to the bottom […]

This week’s shows after we blew the lid off everything ft. MaksTalks & DuncanSpice:   Date Band Venue Wednesday, April 12th Lewis OfMan Holocene Debby Friday Mississippi Studios Thursday, April 13th Waffle Taco No Fun Friday, April 14th Felly Holocene Federale Lollipop Shoppe Haley Heynderickx Mississippi Studios Saturday, April 15th Haley Heynderickx Mississippi Studios Pool […]

Just the best tracks and fun with the record players this week!   12 episodes to go……

This week we have the Psycogeographer and Oregon Arts Watch writer Charles on to discuss his new album, There Is Another World, as well as chatting about some cool new Fugazi covers from Gogol Bordello and Jennylee Lindberg of Warpint. We’re also talking about all these live shows, of course: Date Band Venue Friday, October […]

Back to tell you about all these shows in Portland for the week of August 26th – September1st: Date Band Venue Friday, August 26th Object Heavy Jack London Revue Salo Panto The Six Vista Kicks Wonder Ballroom Saturday, August 27th Warpaint Revolution Hall Chainsaw Girl Eastbank Esplanade (PDX Pop Now, 1-6pm) Sunday, August 28th The […]

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