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Oxygene therapy is sometimes necessary, especially in the land of the flakes. Even with the best of assumptions and intentions, conformity of thought is always an epic fail. To wit: sharing a default positive value system does not an authentic choice make. People need to hear the words of Nietzsche. No, not the bit about […]

In the words of a forgotten bodhisattva, “I sure could go for a steak and some New Age Devil healing music.” This week we learn how to be a sensitive poet from the likes of Flipper and the Germs. The state of flow is only interrupted momentarily. Forthwith, we hear about a girl, American women, […]

  In episode 13, we continue with last week’s theme, veering away from slick pop psychedelia and into some more rarities, oddities, and rough-around-the-edges explorations from Germany, Japan, Armenia, and even Cleveland!

This week is very busy for me, but I managed to pull together a mondo good playlist for yall. 

Nothing pithy or clever about my music selections springs to mind. Nor do I have any blinding insights into the human condition, or about the state of the universe in general. At the moment I feel that I can’t do better than simply cut and paste the lyrics to “Old and Wise”. As far as my […]

Yesterday’s show contained a weird mix of stuff. It’s midterms, so I think I get a free pass. I had some Deerhoof, some Tobacco, some Dumbo Gets Mad. All good stuff. 

    Episode 12 brings you scintillating organ, walloping backbeats, swirling harmonies, and more! While Portland floods with rain, stay inside, stare at the ceiling, and let your mind be flooded with images of kings and queens and cabbages or whatever people in the late 60’s liked. It’s cool, trust me.   P.S. ~ We DID fix it […]

Episode 71 features tracks from Curumin, Dead Meadow, Soft Hair and many more! Mars Melted is rock n’ roll radio, broadcasting live every Thursday at 7pm(pst) only at

Did I just copy and paste the summary from hour one, well yes, but that’s because it’s the same show, and really because I NEED to get this posted so that I can post the show from this past Monday tomorrow. I’ll try not to be so lazy on that one. I should add, as I […]

Thaw out the week’s freeze and cool off that shining cabin fever here on Mars Melted. Transmission 69 features tracks from Kaleidoscope, The Velvet Underground & Nico, The Doors and many more. Big thanks to Dj Lazy Lasagna for swinging by the studio, sharing some grooves and shooting the breeze.  Mars Melted is rock n’ […]

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