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Noroth/Disimperium/Dripping Decay 4/23/2022 High Water Mark 8:30pm 21+ $10. Noroth is descending upon Portland as part of their west coast Harbinger Of Death tour. Local support from grindcrushers Disimperium and gore fiends Dripping Decay. High Water Mark on Dekum/MLK Jr. is the place to smash your face. Cheap drinks, vegan menu, large outdoor covered patio. […]

Hey y’all, I covered for my friend Leah over at My Cup of Tea. Make sure to give the show a listen on Mondays from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm!


Some oldies, some funky tunes, and for today’s show.

This music list is a mix of two playlists so the links are below!!

Super secret night version. We wrap up Skaturdays with a fun late-night show that highlights ska covers of popular songs.

This week as we continue exploring ska, we visit third wave. A large hit in the punk rock scene in the mid 90’s third wave ska was instrumental in bringing the punk genre to the masses.

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