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Discussion of France’s ban on domestic flights to cut carbon emissions, how human activity has pushed the world into the danger zones of planetary safety and justice, why the Oregon Republican walkout is endangering key climate change state legislation, black bear sightings in Forest Park, an interview regarding invasive species in Oregon with Rock Boatner, […]

Discussion of the rising global sea temperatures, the environmental impact of artificial turf, heat waves in the Pacific Northwest, bear sightings across Oregon, harmful sun screens that damage coral reefs, tips for reducing your carbon footprint, and music from South Africa, Indian, Mali, Germany, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico and Portland. Click here to download and play: […]

News items discussing the environmental impact of single-cup coffee pods and the global coffee industry, Portland’s place among the U.S.’s Most Eco-Forward Cities, plastic bottled water’s environmental fall0out, Oregon’s increasing failure to meet carbon-emission goals from 2020, tips on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint, an interview with Dr. Kinari Webb of Health in […]

News items discussing the environmental impact of private jets and the global move to ban such priveleged travel, the Oregon Senate’s vote to ban polystyrene and styrofoam food containers, packing peanuts and coolers by 2025, the unlikely coalition seeking to relocate a killer whale from the Miami Seaquarium to a sanctuary – and freedom – […]

News items discussing the United Nations’ latest climate report, seaweed blobs, a wayward gull, the Mount Hood snowpack, an interview with Environment Oregon state director Celeste Maiffren-Swango regarding plastic found in Oregon’s rivers, tips on reducing your carbon footprint and music from Akon, Shakira, Edna Vazquez, Rising Appalachia, Bossa n’ Roses, Mas y Mas and […]

In this episode, we have a new guest: Andrea from Italy. He will share with us the songs that keep him connected to his country. I hope you all enjoy it=!   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EP. 5!

In this episode, Kaushambi, and international student from India, will join us again to talk about the Indian Celebration, Holi. I hope you all like the music and enjoy the show!   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EP. 4!

News items discussing Oregon’s push for wind turbines off the southern coast to become 100 percent wind-powered by 2040 and the potential obstacles in the way; tips on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint; interview on recent whale strandings in Oregon with Michael Milstein of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); music by […]

News items discussing the potential for an Ohio-like hazardous spill – and the environmental fall-out – given the dramatic rise in train freight shipments through Portland; a discussion of the growth of the sustainable wine industry in Oregon; tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint by changing your cellphone background and washing clothes in […]

News items discussing the scale, scope, cost and impact of solar power, both globally and here in Orgon; also statewide approval to kill wolves that have become predators in Oregon and the overall issues with extinction and species management;  tips on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint by better food choices and ways to […]

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