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“they will always be alive”… Its 1958. Milt Hinton, jazz bassist, is standing on the steps of a brownstone in Harlem looking into the lens of a Hasselblad 300C held by the Esquire Magazine art director, Art Kane. Its Art Kane’s first photo shoot. Milt Hinton and Art Kane are not alone on 17 East […]

In this episode, DJ Asher shares an interview with Twitch live streamer and podcaster, NinaPizzaQueen! Nina share’s about her time as a streamer and what inspired her to be one as well as the many games she’s played. They also get to reviewing the spooky game, Phasmophobia, and get some laughs on some of the […]

On this weeks episode of the SPICERACK, we listened to a curated selection of Outkast tracks to give an overview on the duos sound and importance!

This is a round table discussion being hosted by Mary Bowers and the guest is Michael Husser

I came back on around 7:24:49 CHERRYBOMB 13



This is a roundtable discussion being hosted by Nathan Jimenez and Jim Whinston. The following people were involved in the round table discussion : Jeff Anderson & Ron Peterson This is a podcast Nathan Jimenez has put together for this show. Aaron Steiner, he translated the Sumerian Text, and then put them in Chronological Order […]

I came in around 4:19 pm CHERRYBOMB 13

This is a round table discussion being hosted by Jim Whinston. The following people are in the round table discussion: Mary Bowers, Nathan Jimenez, and Jeff Anderson. The call in guest was Mel Feit.  The website is nationalcenterformen.org.

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