This is a round table discussion being hosted by Jim Whinston. The round table consists of the following people: Mary Bowers, Nathan Jimenez, Jeff Anderson. The call guest is Harvey Masters




This is a round table discussion hosted by Jim Whinston. The round table discussion has the following people: Mary Bowers and Nathan Jimenez. The call in guests were Jennifer McCammon and Harvey Masters

The lovely folks with Green Mountain Guild joined me in the KPSU studio to talk about their music and upcoming shows.   They really appreciated the Sesame Donuts too:

Noise music artist Mini Mutations performs live in the KPSU studio. Joined by Red Panda Death March. Don’t forget to try the place on Lombard.

Heather Hanson of the Super Groovy Cosmic Bus fame lost her battle with depression on Sept 11th 2018. I rebroadcasted one of our times in the KPSU DJ booth together. We were both over caffeinated, giggly, and completely geeking out on the Portland music scene. I miss her but want to remember Heather like this. […]

Topics: 1 – Joyfear, is it good, is it bad? turns out, it’s both 2 – How I focused through a major life change 3 – What is Radio iDeal Radio? 4 – Five Reasons I volunteered to be a KPSU DJ 5 – Impact Bias 6 – Why I listen to podcasts 7 – […]

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