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Infected Mushroom played at the Roseland Theater on Friday November 8th. They have been touring for about 20 years. My dad introduced me to IM and since then I’ve been a fan of theirs. The show began with Randy Seidman’s DJ set. About an hour into the show he swapped with LOWSH. After that OPTIKOS […]

It is a wild and good new Tiger Cub Radio Bub featuring the World Radio Premiere of a track from the Washboard Abs’ new album Lowlight Visions available for purchase at https://antiquatedfuture.bandcamp.com/album/lowlight-visions ! LISTEN HERE!

I just found out that you CAN listen only to the show’s that are found in the download link below. IF you right click (two finger for those of you using the magic track pad action) you can download the file. Although to simply listen do the Left/Onefinger click and the AWS player should open […]

We play artists and songs from the Matador label.

Episode 9 of KPSU’s Weekend with Jraynium, a live electronic mix every Friday 1-2 PM.

In honor of Fat Tuesday, we play songs with titles and artists in the Fat, Tuesday, and Party way.

Bands and artists featuring that ol’ “Blank & The Blanks” theme. Part 2.

Bands and artists featuring that ol’ “Blank & The Blanks” theme. Part 1.

I don’t see a way to add a track list anymore. If you listen to this within a year or two of it being posted and want the track list or want to know a song shoot me an email at [email protected]

We’re playing songs with food stuffs in the title. Hungry yet? Part 2.

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