In this week, the sounds of Doowop dominated the KPSU airwaves. I had fun playing all these songs.

On this episode we delved into some classic souldies that have made a name for themselves in the California lowrider scene. In this oh so sentimental show we learned a bit about the history of some of the most famous Chicano compilation albums, such as The East Side Story records, but mostly we reminisced on […]

The Post-Midterm Mix Featuring classic upbeat hits from the 70s and slow jams from the 60s, this playlist is perfect for relaxing after an intense study session. Enjoy my second show on air! : )

Couldn’t play the day before valentine’s day without playing some timeless classics. New artists mixed in with household names we all know and love. Hope you are all out there sharing the love with those around you, make the day special for your significant other, or show a little extra love for yourself and friends.

We made it to week 10! For this final show, I am playing a mix of some of my favorite songs.   Have a happy summer everyone! DJ Anna 🙂

A mix of days gone by! Dj Anna

A charming mix of days gone by! DJ Anna

An eclectic, musical cocktail of the past!

This playlist is to be listened to when you are in the mood for soft and lulling music to feel gentle.

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