The light at the end of the tunnel is nearing. The quarantine is starting to lift. Slowly but surely, we will make it through. BUT UNTIL THEN! Stay safe. Listen below! Is anyone interested in an audio download? I could make that happen.

I’m back! I missed last week due to THE DEATH; pretty sure I¬†was Patient Zero with the Zombie Virus but my sis is pre-med so she cured me. Played some songs with louder beats, thank you much for listening!



March 9, 2017

Why 20 ft. swells you ask? Because you are about to endure a massive set of rager music that force you to ride the giant sound waves. Lilwami has concocted a set of heavy bass and dub songs, bumpin house tracks, some drum n bass, some sweet moombaton, and as always some hip hop and […]

It’s the first show of my last year at KPSU. R.I.P.

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