Welcome back to Left of the Dial, the only radio show “daring” enough to play Springsteen, Swans, Captain Beefheart, & KISS in the same playlist (more bands are available of course). Enjoy the write-ups below from radio host Chris-R, along with Spotify & YouTube links to stream the entirety of the playlists.   This episode […]

These tracks don’t get enough love. That’s all I have to say. Love them.

It’s the end of Week 8 here at PSU, and that means that everyone is already gearing up for finals. Luckily, there’s at least one thing in college life that’s a no brainer: the fact that listening to a great bunch of classic rock songs will improve everything from your mood to test scores. That […]

With this playlist at the start, 2016 is lookin’ to be a good year!┬áNewness is in the air, and holiday good-vibes haven’t melted into the spring yet, so Fighting Rose is keeping it going this week with some ultra danceable, ultra positive rock tunes, which you can turn back to at any point in the […]

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