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This is a round table discussion being hosted by Jim Whinston The round table discussion team is Nathan Jimenez and Jeff Anderson. The call in guest in this segment is Jason Angel (Tulsa Police Officer) which is talking about the Daniel Holtzclaw case in Oklahoma City

This is a round table discussion with Mary Bowers/Jim Whinston as host. The round table consists the following people Nathan Jimenez, and Jeff Anderson. The call in guest was Jennifer McCammon (Boots Magazine) & Harvey Masters

I want my listeners to feel the music and enjoy the show!!


I want my listeners to feel my music and enjoy the show

I just found out that you CAN listen only to the show’s that are found in the download link below. IF you right click (two finger for those of you using the magic track pad action) you can download the file. Although to simply listen do the Left/Onefinger click and the AWS player should open […]

Time Yes, what to say about time. Well, there has been a large collection of the increments since the last time I posted a show. I could cast all sorts of blame or responsibility in all sorts of directions. The “truth” however, lies in the simple reality that I haven’t posted in what feels like […]

This is a round table discussion being hosted by Jim Whinston. The following people are part of the round table is Nathan Jimenez, Jeff Anderson and Mary Bowers. The call in guest was Harvey Masters.

Fresh new jams for the dog days of summer, music for parties, dancing, getting freaky! Welcome to the summer music comeback show! Your host has been busy the past few weeks working on a new format for the show! Holy Lung Radio Hour will soon start producing comedic/absurdly earnest podcast episodes, featuring a new co-host […]

End As I mentioned in the post that pair with this one, this show originally streamed LIVE over the black magic known as the internet on the last day of 2017. Posting this hour brings me up to date, yearly speaking. I still have all the shows from Jan. Feb. Mar. April. May to post. […]

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