holiday Today, May 7th is Free Comic book day! So be sure to swing by your local comic book stores and grab some free comics. Who knows maybe you’ll find something for your Mom too! Here’s some resources for where to go:

The Christmas Mix, Pt. I Kicking off December with the first of four Christmas mixes! I have a giant playlist which has over 70 songs in total that I love to listen to on shuffle during the holiday season. It’s my ultimate collection of “the best of xmas” and includes classic Christmas music, country Christmas […]

Holiday music for the unenthused

We play great indie music for the holidays! Part 2.

We play great indie music for the holidays! Part 1.

December is full of Christmas songs we’ve all heard hundreds of times. We’re changing things up with multiple holidays, working our way through December (and then a bit of next year).

First of all, happy best-holiday-of-year. Second of all, this playlist is probably going to be a little abrasive on the ears if you’re listening to it on the morning of the 18th — I’d recommend nursing the damage you did last night, then starting over because these songs are really meant to accompany stout and […]

It’s gettin’ steamy up in here tonight, y’all. And by steamy I mean all-out fire. These songs are hot. I’ve come to realize that I say “you’re welcome” to my listeners quite a lot – and in all the modesty that is Fighting Rose, I stand by that. So without a need for further explanation, for your […]

It’s Christmas Time! We play great holiday tunes, and run through some new stuff and some favorites, from J-Z.

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