guilty pleasures

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Join me in digesting some music before we all go and pig out on non-local brownies and alligator on stick (surprisingly spicy!)

This took way longer than I wanted. Sorry folks but I promise it’s a show worth waiting for!

This week is all about the power of the female artist and girl groups! A mix of Bette Midler, the Eurythmics (headed by Annie Lennox), and the Puppini Sisters is sure to be a delight.

The second of two weeks where I mix classic Prince songs from all the Prince eras (including when he was a symbol but there’s no keyboard notation for that) with pop songs covered by different punk artists. Enjoy! Vol. 2.

For the next two weeks, I’m play a mix of my favorite Prince songs with pop punk pop remakes. Intrigued? Listen for more. Vol. 1.

With blurbs about the ruling on this historic day, another stepping stone in rights for all, join me for music to wake up your soul and do some celebrating!

Enjoy your first inklings of summer freedom with Meatloaf, the Chipmunks, and Semisonic. Freedom has never sounded so good.

I’m taking a break from my new Simpsons Tapped Out obsession to bring you music from slow and sweet to dance-y beat.

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