guilty pleasures

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Set the mood for you to study/cry for your midterms. Because that’s next week if you can believe it. I’m also doing everything in my power to deliver you a queer news segment not focused on the Republican nomination circus.

How’s your winter term going? Join me for all your favorite hits (and a few new discoveries you might just have missed).

Have I really been providing some quality music and queer news for 50 weeks?! It seems so surreal. And it just keeps getting better.

It wasn’t a stretch, nor was it difficult to come up with ideas or try and figure out what I would be doing for today’s show, and by today I of course mean the today that this show aired. That today, was, the 22nd of December 2015. It was my last show before houses across the world […]

After our excursion to the island of Misfit Toys, it’s nice to come back to all the songs you love to sing along to (whether secretly or with great pride). I hope you enjoyed my turn as the dj at Party in the Ballroom cause I had a lot of fun!

Are you enjoying all the holiday themed guilty pleasures?! I can hear you singing along from the basement and that makes me super happy. Along with never playing Christmas Shoes. Part three of three.  

It’s time for everyone’s favorite commercialized time of year. This week, I’m playing a whole bunch of Christmas tunes that I had completely forgotten were bittersweet! And no Christmas Shoes. Ever. Part two of three.

It’s time for everyone’s favorite commercialized time of year. Come enjoy it with some of your favorite new covers and some of the oldies. And no Christmas Shoes. Ever. Part one of four, probably.

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