Escape Stress Island and come with me….   To a peaceful land, where kindness is the only currency…. Reflection and relaxation the only occupation of its people…. Where our bodies are light as marshmallow…. Our minds, filled with healing, invigorating light…. And our ears, filled with the sweet honey’d tones of gentle music… This week […]

Ah… the dreaded Finals. The tests, presentations, group projects, and papers associated with the Unholy Week I’m sure either have you holed up in your room at this very moment pulling your hair out over the keyboard, or fighting sleep from all the effort exerted throughout Dead Week. But never fret – Fighting Rose to […]

Here we are (were). The end of another term of educational indoctrination. Dead week followed right behind by Finals week. On this 9th episode of Box of Chocolates, I am playing some tracks, lectures and a promotional bit all concerning the need and benefits of meditation. Stress is REAL easy to accumulate. Especially around the […]

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